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PRIVATE SESSIONS - *Let the Healing Begin*

To fully explore your healing process, is a journey that can be invited exclusively by your recognition that medicine can bring you only so far. If you are ready to journey beyond the world's concepts and enter into a space that is beyond our earthbound perspective, then these sessions are right for you.

As a healer, I have various attunements available to assist you during an Energy Healing session. The techniques I use are a combination of ReiKi, Egyptian Rods or Transmigration of Higher Consciousness to name a few. I am intuitively guided how to proceed according to your specific needs.

During a Spiritual Counseling Session, we can discuss anything from how to achieve personal goals to your soul’s life plan and purpose. In this session, your deepest and most profound issues and concerns will be addressed.

So how does it all work?

*ReiKi energy healing session
Also available as distant healing session

The first question many ask is, What is ReiKi?


Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing and relaxation. “Rei” means Universal Spiritual Wisdom. “Ki” means Life Energy. ReiKi is the process of tapping into the “life force energy” that is the healing essence of the Universe. ReiKi practitioners are attuned to carry and be the conduit for this healing light.

Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the 19th century, this healing and teaching technique has been handed down through a lineage of masters and spread all over the world.

How does it work?

ReiKi is the channeling of positive energy from Divine Source, which is directed to flow in and through all parts of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Reiki removes the negative energy created by negative thought patterns, actions or words and restores a clear field of energy. The various Reiki symbols allow a practitioner to fine-tune the healing according to the client’s needs.

What happens in a session?

Energy healing is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. You will be laying down on a massage bed for about 1 hour. You do not have to remove your clothes. The energy knows where to go. Energy healing is done through the laying on of hands. You will experience a warm energy flowing through my hands to you.

Why do we need ReiKi?

Our physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties can be caused or intensified by the blockage, imbalance or disruption of energy flow in our bodies. This is normal state of affairs for us as a result of the daily stresses of juggling our jobs, relationships, financial responsibilities, health and concern for loved ones. ReiKi removes the negative energy created by negative though patterns, and restores a clear field of energy.

How many sessions will I need to heal?

It will all depend on what area or areas of your life or body you are wanting to heal. It will also depend on how affected those areas are. If for example you have a physical illness that has deteriorated your body significantly, we will need several sessions. The sessions will vary between energy healing and soul clarity session. When I use these two modalities, healing can happen much faster.

Can I stop taking prescribed or over the counter drugs?

Not at all. I am not nor do I claim to be a Medical Doctor, I have a holistic approach (reiki, meditations, soul clarity sessions, exercising and healthy eating habits) to healing that works in conjunction with but not instead of conventional medical care and treatment.

Who can have a ReiKi session?

Everyone is welcome and can benefit from a ReiKi session. It is safe on children, the elderly, your pets and even your home, especially when you first move in, to clear any energy left from others that have lived there before. NOTE: I do not offer home energy clearing but can help you connect with someone if you are interested. When I work on children I often ask one of the parents to be present, especially if it's a toddler.
Also welcomed to this session are those that are only looking for a quick "set me back on track" visit and the always curious ones that like to try anything once.

What are the benefits?

*One of the greatest benefits is the reduction of stress and increased relaxation
*Experiencing peace as a State of Being, mental clarity, emotional stability
*Accelerates the bodies' self-healing abilities
*Accelerates recovery from surgery, chemotherapy and other debilitating treatments
*Supports the immune system
*Helps to reduce blood pressure
*Helps relieve pain
*It can help clean organs (liver, kidneys, arteries, gall bladder, lungs and heart)
*Slows the aging process
*Increases vitality
*Helps heal from grief, abuse, depression, anger
*Makes one's transition at the end of life more comfortable

Duration of session: 1 hour
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*As a remote (distance) healing session I will prepare the same as if you were in the ReiKi room. After, I will deliver to you whatever findings or messages I might feel necessary to give you. This can be done via a phone call, email or Skype.

Duration of session: 1 hour
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*Spiritual Counseling
Also available On-line via Skype or by phone

How does it work?

An energy healing session is a wonderful way to remove mental blockages, but sometimes people just need to talk, to vent, to have clarity as to which way they want to go in life or how they want to achieve this. A Spiritual Counseling session is spiritual coaching that works much like a therapy session. I am not a trained psychologist nor a Therapist, Im an ordained Priest that uses spiritual oriental techniques to guide you through past emotional wounds by focusing on the present. Your present events reflect much of your conditioning and if we follow the feeling trace they leave you with, it can help you discover on your own, the root cause of your challenges. Unlike other spiritual coaches, I will guide you to have insight and understanding and can also teach you these oriental and occidental spiritual techniques.

What topics can be discuss in this sessions?

Anything and everything. This is a sacred space that has been energized to be a safe haven for you. We can go over Personal goals that you would like to accomplish at a worldly level to How to incorporate a spiritual path to live life more consciously. Sometimes this time is use to allow you to heal past issues and reach a state of compassion that can allow forgiveness of a person or a situation that cause suffering in your life. I will guide you but won't be leaving homework nor will you have to be accountable for whatever work you do or don't do on your own. If you want accountability to help you break free from lack of discipline, then signing up for Shanti Spiritual Coaching might be beneficial to you.

Is a Spiritual Counseling session the same as a Tarot or Psychic reading?

Definitely not. This is not a Tarot reading for I am not future telling. I do connect to a higher frequency to connect with your soul, to help you hear the messages that because of your conditioning you might not be listening to, or to gain insight as to what is blocking you. This is a session to help you break free from unhealthy patterns of behavior.

While on the subject, are Tarot readings bad?

Of course not. I like to teach people to use Tarot as a means to learn and develop trust in following their inner guidance. I do however, caution people to not lean on this type of services for every decision they make. Doing that, indicates a lack of willingness to take responsibility for the events created in your life. Use Tarot as your training wheels while you gain confidence in your own intuition. It is not evil, it's just a tool. You will also hear me say that you need to honor your personal beliefs and not try this if you feel uncomfortable.

Who can participate of this session?

Everyone of any age and with any topic that wants to. A word of caution to those that have come; do not force others around you to come to talk to me because it made you feel good. Live your experience and if it worked for you, live what you learned, that is the best way to have those around you be affected and gives them the liberty to decide for themselves. Often I have clients that want so bad for their partners and children to come for a session. Once you start living life from a more awaken state of being, you will discover that the whole world will change, when YOU change.

Duration of session: 1 to 1/2 hours
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