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Shanti Spiritual Coaching
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What does it mean to be Spiritually Coached?

Let us first understand what has been defined as coaching. Coaching has long been an accepted method of improving performance, specifically in sports. The goal of a Coach is to help their client maximize their abilities to help achieve overall success in their lives. Some of the FAQ's are:

Who uses coaching?

Businesses often utilize this method for training the leaders in their companies, but for the last fifteen to twenty years, many more people have been exposed to the idea of coaching in all aspects of their lives. The excellent results shown in the sports arena and executive positions in businesses have been expanded to the general public. More and more, people are starting to realize that using a coach to reach personal goals is not showing that he or she is weak, but as a wise investment for self-improvement.

Looking for a specific coach

Coaching specialties vary from Life Coach, Business, Executive, Addictions Recovery, Relationships, Parenting and many more and of course, Spiritual Coaching.

Is this counseling?

Coaching is different than counseling in that the work will be focus on present and future, finding solutions to present situations and answers to the question what next?. Coaching is very much like a dialogue or conversation with a trusted friend. Imagine sitting down with this friend over a cup of coffee and exchanging your thoughts, ideas and situations. Now imagine that same friend serving as an advisor, guide, and providing you with tools, suggestions, to assist you in your situation.

Spiritual Coaching Instead of focusing on external factors of your life, a spiritual coach focuses on the inner workings of your mind, body and soul. A spiritual coach can help you learn that spirituality is often one of the best tools you can use to overcome life's troubles. Spiritual Coaching will also show you how to break free of a lifetime's worth of limitations to help you fulfill personal needs and help you find joy and true peace.

How does Shanti Spiritual Coaching work? And... will it work for me?

This can work for anybody that is open to be guided into new experiences. The difference between main stream coaching and my style is that I will be teaching you many oriental and occidental spiritual techniques that will then help you in achieving your personal goals. This techniques are non-dogmatic and are open to all people from all walks of life and beliefs who seek Health, Happiness and Inner Wisdom.

Your goals will be much easier to attain because I will guide you to the essence of your goal. What does that mean? Take for example money. Many people would like to have financial wealth. Achieving this is their main goal, perhaps you might have achieved this goal already. Now, let's take a look a bit closer to see if this truly is or was your goal. You will need to answer "why do you want to be financially wealthy?", because it gives you power? Yes, in our world having money gives us some power. Because it will buy you time to be with those you love, or time to relax, perhaps even time to help others? Now answer, "why would you want to do this things?" Ponder on the answer I will give you: "Because when I am with those I love, I feel happy, when I can help, I feel happy, when I am able to use my time as I wish, I feel happy, even having power makes me feel happy". So then, are you wanting money or to feel happy?

Furthermore, are you wanting happiness or love in your life?

This is just a small example on how Spiritual Coaching can help you focus on what you really want. Yes, if money is required, ways to create money will come. The difference will be that when you go after love, the money is a tool you get to use that will not take away harmony in any area of your life. .


It sounds nice, but I really just want to lose weight, find a lover, change careers; how can practicing spiritual techniques really help me? It feels as if you are asking me not to want those things.

Not at all. The challenge here is that we associate spiritual practitioners with "people in monasteries" or "religious nuts". It seems or feels as though you might have to leave your modern day life style behind. The wonderful news is that all the material creations in our world are there to be used. The result of practicing this techniques, is that the energy that already exists within you is released and uncovered. This energy call it God or Source is not there to judge but to show you the way to have it ALL. This is not something you give anything up for, it's something you add to your life.

What is the difference between spiritual coaching and reiki/Spiritual Counseling sessions?

The most important difference is accountability and private teachings set around your schedule. While I do stay mindful of the people coming for healings or classes with me, I do not push more then what they are willing to do. When you choose Shanti Spiritually Coaching, what you are telling me is that you have limited time but you are committed to the point of wanting to be accountable to someone and are willing to develop certain disciplines that you do not posses at this moment.

Then, not only will I be working on keeping a close record of your progress, I will constantly be meditating and sending reiki energy to you to boost you even more.

Tell me more about this accountability and discipline, will it be rigid, will I still be free to make choices?

You will always be free as to what to do and not to do. But whatever you do decide to do, as your Spiritual Coach I will help you follow the discipline (i.e.: 5 minutes a day of self-observation) to continue, and when a fear shows up, together we will explore it so you can overcome it. Spiritual Coaching is like fitness training, it is not something you can be forced to do. You have to want to submit yourself to this discipline. It will be about progress not perfection, but you need to be willing to make a commitment and participate fully.

So how do I get started?

I don't believe that a coach is there only once a month, to me that is you doing the work alone most of the time. I want to see results in Your life. I have done a lot of research to find the best prices for both my local area and nation/worldwide.

I can offer enlightened guidance at a price that is very affordable to you and that allows me to continue helping humanity. I am interested in spreading wisdom to as many souls as possible. Spiritual Coaching is just another tool for those that need guidance in this form.

*You can give me a call or Skype to get a feel for me and to feel if we are a fit. This if free.

*Schedule your first assessment consultation. This is for those who know they want to be coached and are just fine tuning what they would like to accomplish through this coaching relationship.
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Duration: 1 hr

Level I SSC
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This is the package for busy people wanting to add Spiritual training to their life style. 6 months of weekly meetings, meeting will be 45 to 60 min. long, unlimited email access, intense accountability, weekly homework. Kuji-In training included. 30% off on seminar Mastery of the Self if you register during these 6 months. This personal coaching package will save you over $800 plus it will be at around your personal schedule!

Level II SSC
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3 months of weekly meeting, meeting will be 45 to 60 min. long, unlimited email access, intense accountability, weekly homework. Kuji-In training included. 15% off on seminar Mastery of the Self if you register during these 3 months.

Pay as you go
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If you are unable to pay for either of the two plans, we can still start your coaching by paying one session at a time. I will still make the same commitment to you. I will need a personal commitment from you to at least 2 moths of Spiritual Coaching. This is to have enough time for you to experience change in your life.

Weekly meetings of 45 to 60 min. long, one email a week for questions that might arise, accountability for homework given.

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